Chance Murphy

Designer based out of Ann Arbor
studying UX Design

Latest Work

Adobe Logo Redesign

For a class assignment I was tasked with taking a famous logo and giving it a modern look. I chose to update the Adobe logo, which currently has a boxy and 90's look, to the sleeker and more modern look you can see to the left.

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Consolidating Communication

Two local organizations in Ann Arbor, MI had recently began the process of merging, but were having problems merging their communication platforms. To help aide this process, myself and three classmates were brought in as consultants to investigate and suggest a solution to their communication difficulties. We used a variety of techniques relating to contextual inquiry in order to aide us in the solution making process including conducting interviews, SWOT analyses and other background research, and the creation of an affinity wall.  The PDF of our final report can be read below.

LSNC-AAHOM Final Report

Mobile App Mockup

For a class assignment I was tasked with identifying a problem facing a local community, and coming up with a technical solution to that problem that would appeal to that community. For my project, I decided to design an app that would present an alternative option to five star review systems for users who were looking for establishments to visit in new areas. The reason I chose this was because through my research I found that five star review systems are incredibly prone to bias and as a result easy to manipulate. I felt that a ranking system would be a better solution and one that was less susceptible to manipulation. A link to my final report can be seen below while a link to my functioning mobile prototype can be found within the report linked below. 

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Social Media Content

Part of my job at Artonic Web includes designing social media content/posts for our clients on a monthly basis. Posts can be about anything from product advertisements to holiday celebrations. Some examples of my work on these posts can be seen to the left.

Business Card Design

A local restaurant was looking for a modernized business card that incorporated their logo and restaurant atmosphere into the design. You can see the resulting business card design in the gallery to the left.


Madden League Content

A huge hobby of mine is running a Madden league for myself and 31 other people. To help keep my users engaged in the proceedings of the league I began to make graphics for the league, such as a banner for the website our league stats are hosted on, and social media graphics for games and breaking league news. Below is a link to our league Twitter to see the newest content.